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What do your photographs say about your practice?

Joe Gierisch Photography can help you tell your story with pictures.


We understand that your patients go to your practice because of your skill and professionalism. They want the right physician to help them deal with their conditions. They respect your training, expertise, and experience.

Location Specialists

We specialize in location photography. We come to you with a complete portable studio. On location we can create executive portraits, annual report images, people, places and things; just what you need to get your corporate identity to your targeted audience. From large groups to head and shoulders portraits we  make it more convenient for you. Equipped with our commitment to excellence and training, your images are technically superior with accurate color balance, density, and great composition.

At Joe Gierisch Photography our clients come to us because they know their images are in good hands. They trust us to deal with the challenges that may crop up and to deliver high quality photographs that will speak to their audience. They trust us to treat them like the busy professionals they are and not waste their time.

Joe has experience photographing in medical settings and knows the "dos and don'ts." You too can have outstanding photographic images for your marketing materials, and be assured that discretion and medical regulations are observed.

Photographer for MD News

If you are based in the Raleigh Area, you may have seen Joe’s work in the MD News. If Joe has photographed you for the magazine, you know the quality he delivers.


Why Work with Us?

bulletExperienced in medical settings. 
bulletLocation Specialists
bulletConvenient- We come to you.
bulletWe are ready, willing, and able to produce the images you need.
bulletWe are easy to work with.
bulletOur quality speaks for itself.
bulletWe use the right techniques for your photographs and know how to communicate with graphic designers.
bulletIsn’t it time you worked with someone who enjoys their work?

Call Joe to discuss how he can help you get your message out to your potential patients.


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