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Q: Why should I hire a professional when I have a friend with a nice camera?

A: The benefits of working with a professional photographer are numerous - even in this day of relatively inexpensive digital cameras.  A professional will cover your wedding. We are there for you, not as a guest or participant, but with the sole purpose of photographing your wedding.  Friends and relatives with cameras are great and will add to your photographs, but they are there to celebrate.  We will be there to work.  And because we go to more weddings than most people, we can help with some of the confusion.

      Joe Gierisch Photography captures memories, not just photographs, using years of knowledge and experience.   The combinations of light, location and poses that we use create a complimentary setting for the subjects in the portraits.   Professional equipment and expertise allow the professional photographer to handle problems that might occur.   

      Joe Gierisch is active in the photographic community and serves on the Boards of three Professional Associations. The associations provide ethical standards, educational opportunities, and fellowship with other photographers.  Competition between professionals in these associations ensures quality products and services with continually improving techniques and ways of delivering them. 

Q: How much of the photographerís time can I expect?

A: Our coverage options are detailed in our Wedding Brochure, complete with prices. Each collection has an allotted amount of time that comes with it. If your reception runs late, overtime is usually available. If you know it will run long, we urge you to book the extra time as soon as possible to ensure our availability.

            Click here to help see how much time you need for your wedding.


Q: What levels of coverage do you offer?

A: We offer a wide range of coverage, from a small wedding to a gala affair.

      Q: What other wedding related services do you offer?

A: We offer Bridal Portraits, both classic and contemporary, DVD Slideshows for viewing at viewing at your rehearsal dinner, Photographic Guestbooks, Engagement and Romantic sessions. If you have an idea we havenít thought of, please discuss it with us.


Q: When should I hire you?

A: You should start meeting with photographers as soon as you have a Wedding Date. Many dates are booked a year or more in advance. Reserve your date as soon as you make your decision. You donít want to miss having the photographer you want. Call now and hire us to be YOUR photographer.


Q: Are you available for travel?

A: Yes, anywhere in the United States.


Q: What is your approach to photographing the ceremony?

A: A wedding ceremony, particularly in a church is a sacred ceremony. We stay out of the way, photographing from the back of the church or a balcony, using the ambient light the church provides. A few churches do not allow photography during the ceremony, itself, so we recreate what we can afterwards. In all cases, however, we must abide by the rules of the particular church.


      Outdoor weddings and those in venues other than churches are usually more open to photography during a ceremony. We will not provide distractions even if allowed to move about.


Q:  I want you to photograph my wedding. What do I do next?

A:  As previously stated, most weddings are booked many months in advance. When you have reached your decision to hire Joe Gierisch Photography we will meet with you and discuss your wedding in more detail and plan your wedding day as it relates to photography. There will, of course be a contract and a retainer required to book your day. Please note: we have no agreement without both an signed agreement and retainer. We can't just pencil you in.






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